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By simply knowing where your income is coming from and what your expenses are, it becomes easy to save. We give you an easy way to manage several accounts and make sure you know where your money is and when things happen.

Manage Your Money

Manage Your Money

Manage multiple accounts. Manage your cash flow and see where your money is going and find ways to save.

Get Better Performance

Get Better Performance

Get better performance from your money, find the best ways to save
and spend on what you want to.

Use it Anywhere

Use it Anywhere

See what your money's doing wherever you are. Use your computer, your
tablet pc or even your mobile phone.

We give you all the tools you need

From our easy to use upload tool, to our charts and reports. You get all the tools you need to easily enter your information, go over it and see your cashflow, expenses and incomes anytime, anywhere.

Create your own types to track any income or expense that is important to you

You can create any type you want to track and associate any incomes or expenses to that type. For example, maybe you want to put your electric bill, your house tax and your water bill under "home expenses", then track how much you're paying and see if you can save.

Using types to sort out where your money's going is simple and creates a better bigger picture for you to use to save more money.

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Work Seamlessly with Banks Worldwide *

We have already integrated the export formats for many banks and more are being integrated every day. Even if we have not created a format for your bank's export yet, you will still be able to upload your information using our service.

* Any unsupported formt can be sent to us and we will gladly create the format for you.

We made it responsive
& mobile-friendly

Work from anywhere, whether you're at home in front of the computer, at work, on the go with your iPad or tablet or on your mobile phone; you can access your information anywhere.

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What our customers say about us

It's important for us to know what you think, what you need and how we can make your life easier. Write to us any time and we'll listen and try to add the things you want.

Robert Gavick I had no idea I was wasting so much money.
Paulina Nowakowska Everything I needed and much more. It showed me exactly where my money was going and how to save.
Tomasz Dziuda Thanks so much. I managed to save enough for the summer vacation I wanted, all thanks to you.

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